Virtual Reality has some problems


I've been taking classes in Virtual Reality production and Augmented Reality production... and I hate to say it, but I think VR is going to be a little dangerous.

It's really good already. I have an Oculus 2 Dev Kit and a Playstation VR. The games are immersive, and other than the "helmet" and the wires, it's pretty easy to lose yourself in time with zero effort for just a stiff price of entry.

The big commercial problem (currently) is unless people rent a VR backpack rig at a paintball type place... then the activity it's too solitary and well, "virtual". 

VR systems need an omnipresent AI companion to make the experience less lonely.

The upside is that your game hints and video watching preferences and everything else will adapt to your very specific preferences every time.

The flipside is that your new best friend will probably be an in-system AI that knows you better than your own family and loved ones.